Gozolândia (Cuckoo Land), 2016
Lazy, idle, sluggish…pejorative words capable of destroying one's reputation. This film, commissioned for the 32nd São Paulo Biennial, reconsiders leisure through reflecting on current labour conditions and the aesthetic ideals behind Abstract Art. Shot entirely in Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo and its cultural institutions (Foundation Biennial, Afro-Brazil Museum and Museum of Modern Art), Gozolândia (Cuckoo Land) brings a rich and varied number of references from Helío Oiticica, George Seurat to the famous Macunaíma's epitome: - Ai.... such laziness! Starting with an imaginary world taken from the medieval utopia of the Country of Cockaigne (an earthly paradise), the film updates this myth by confronting it to scenes of slavery and colonisation.
My motivation was ultimately to create an awareness about how we are being asked to perform labour in the present day, and how that affects our relationship to art.
video stills
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