O Jardim (The Garden), 2016
The Garden is a performance inspired by the medieval myths of the Country of Cockaigne, an earthy paradise where people could enter freely, where there was no work and the food was plentiful. Through an interpretative reading of the different versions of Cockaigne – a collection dating from the 13th century until today and crossing different cultures, the performance exposes how the myth started as a manifestation of the desires of a population in suffering, and how it was modified to accommodate political and religious ideology, from social satire, religious repression to nationalistic values. In the present context, fraught with social uncertainty, migrations, economic and ecological crises, imagining this country can be a way of creating another future.

This work was commissioned and presented at the group exhibition "The Future will be a Replica", curated by Isabella Lenzi, for the Portuguese Consulate and presented on the 8th of September 2016.
The Garden
@ Priscila Fernandes, 2016

Production: Beatriz Christal
Invited actor: Alvise Camozzi
Performers: Alexandre Rdash, André Mesquita and Carol Rahal Gonzalez.
Adaptation of the book 'Cocanha - Várias Faces de uma Utopia', by Hilário Franco Júnior.
Addicional text: André Mesquita.
Songs by Alexandre Rdash (Favelatika) and costume by Brechó Itinerante.
Food by Senhora Amora.
Recorded by Temporal Filmes, camera by Rica Saito and Marcos Yoshi.